Our education programming is designed to empower the community by providing access to tutoring, continuing education, scholarships and other workshops as research shows the need for.  Career readiness has been a recent focus of our workshops and has provided information on topics such as resume writing and interview preparation.  The goal of this programming is to provide educational opportunities to the community through the use of agencies that will ultimately lead to gainful employment.  As workshops are held and their information and suggestions consumed; it is the goal of COLG CDC's education program to contribute to an increase in completion of high school educations, college attendance and gainful employment being enjoyed by those we serve.

Empowerment Through Education


  • Resume Writing
  • Youth/Adult/Veteran Education*
  • Youth/Adult/Veteran Tutoring*
  • Scholarships*
  • Music & Dance*
  • Job Fairs/Placement Opportunity*

*future programs